FLOMO Foundation

About FLOMO education foundation

FLOMO education foundation was established in 2004, based on the theme of “Guarding the Future of Taiwanese Children”. It also implements FLOMO with practical actions such as free gifts, free learning of English for disadvantage students, and promotion of English as a second official language. Social responsibility.


Our missions are concern for disadvantaged, education promotion and environmental protection. As social supporters, we engage in public welfare activities such as promoting certain educational issues, providing scholarship and stipend, and subsidizing students from vulnerable families. We look forward to arousing consensus to maintain a safe, healthy and carefree environment for our next generation.


“FLOMO Education Foundation” was established in 2004 by FLOMO chairman, Mr. Flomo Shen has been focusing on the enrichment of children’s education for many years. Based on the love and passion for his fatherland and hometown of Taiwan, Mr. Flomo Shen established the foundation in order to help and enhance the quality of children’s education.

The purpose of the establishment of FLOMO Education Foundation is to cause awareness of the educational issues in society, through stimulating the implementation of educational subjects and to increase the fund of scholarships and student aid. FLOMO Education Foundation plays an important role and assists in enriching children’s education in every corner of Taiwan by also providing financial aid to disadvantaged students so they can afford a better opportunity to learn.

Paying more attention to environmental issues noticed by the local community in the last two years, FLOMO Education Foundation started to make efforts in “Children’s health care” and “Environmental care.”

In the first stages of Environmental Awareness, FLOMO Education Foundation hosted a charity event where it donated more than one million free PVC-Free erasers to kids in elementary schools in Taiwan. In the second stage, the foundation launched the event “Eco Eraser Exchange – Save the Earth” to give students the opportunity to learn how to practically give up those PVC erasers, recycle and participate in Eco-friendly activities, such as “Drawing the Environment a Heart” and “Cherish your own Health”.



Charity Foundation of Mrs. Z. S. Shen

Charity Foundation of Mrs. Z. S. Shen was founded in 1997 in memory of Mr. Shen’s mother, Ms. Zi-Xiu Shen-Huang. It was also founded to advocate charity works for the society.

The purpose is to support and help with social and welfare by organizing the following initiatives:
1. Sponsor educational and cultural charity activities for governmental institutions.
2. Sponsor educational and cultural charitable organizations.
3. Provide student aid fund for the disadvantaged and monorities.
4. Sponsor elderly, children, teenagers, and women’s welfare.
5. Help with natural disaster emergencies.