Why did FLOMO develop an environmentally friendly eraser?

FLOMO has been exporting products world widely for about 40 years. In late 1990s FLOMO noticed that European and American countries have higher stationery standard than Taiwan. Why don’t we protect our next generation, the children in all over the world?


How to choose the suitable eraser?

All of FLOMO eraser cleanliness is above 96%. We recommend to choose the eraser based on age and usage habit.


What is the difference between bamboo charcoal eraser and black eraser?

FLOMO bamboo charcoal eraser is using natural color powder. Black eraser is colored by chemical color powder.


What does FLOMO use to replace PVC material for eraser?

TPE, thermoplastic elastomers.


What are the ingredients of FLOMO eraser?

White wax oil, calcium carbonate, environmentally friendly TPE and other raw materials.


Can FLOMO make a 3D modeling eraser?

Yes. But due to the cleanliness performance FLOMO prefers to manufacture extruded eraser.


Is the eraser paper cover specially treated? Why?

Yes. To reduce the oil come up to the surface, the paper cover is laminated with matte plastic.


How to storage eraser? Is there any expiry date?

Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. We generally recommend to use the eraser within 3 years, the eraser cleanliness will gradually decrease.


What is the largest size of FLOMO eraser?

The current biggest eraser is ER-T12A (75*35*12mm). The length is actually unlimited.


Why is the eraser covered by cello wrap?

To prevent the eraser gets dirty.


Why does the cello wrap get wrinkle after a long time of storage?

As time goes by, the oil will come up to the surface and it will become less dense after the oil has evaporated.


Will FLOMO eraser become sticky or melted?

No. Because there’s no phthalates added in FLOMO eraser.