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About us

FLOMO® group is a globally recognized Taiwanese owned family business that specializes in high-quality stationery, gifts, and daily supplies. Our strong R&D (Research & Development) background and long history of experienced manufacturing are the reasons why FLOMO® has become one of the leading brands in Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States. We are also a proud manufacture and distributor for multinational, household favorite brands. 

In Mandarin, FLOMO® means Enrich Happy Dreams, which reflects the company’s vision and mission. We are committed to offering parents and their children the most innovative, useful and sustainable products to support joyful learning, inspiration, and enrichment in their daily lives.



The FLOMO® Group continues to provide the high quality and innovate consumer products worldwide. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute stationery items, party supplies, seasonal products and many more. Our team works around the clock to brainstorm creative ideas and innovative new product items for our own brands, as well as for brands around the world. With FLOMO®, we, together, can continue to Enrich Happy Dreams.



Shen family established DARONG Plastics Industrial, specializing in plastic processing business and manufacturing machinery for industrial fields in Taiwan.


FLOMO® Plastics Industrial Co. Ltd. was established and developed its own brand, FLOMO®, that specialized in manufacturing consumer goods, including stationery products.


Shenny Enterprises Inc. and its warehouse were established.


Nygala Corporation was established in New Jersey, USA.


Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affair (MOEA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) awarded FLOMO® with the "Taiwan Superior Brand Award" in the pencil case series.


FLOMO® expanded its market by developing the world's first ever environmentally friendly, non-toxic eraser. 


The FLOMO® Education Foundation was established to foster and support education for low-income children throughout Taiwan. 


Shanghai FLOMO® Fancy Stationery Co. Ltd. and other FLOMO® Group companies were certified with the ISO 9001 certification. 


FLOMO® was awarded the Disney Outstanding Vendor for its strong relationship and quality manufacturing. 


FLOMO® won its second " Taiwan Superior Brand Award" from TAITRA. 


FLOMO® Japan was established in Tokyo, Japan.


Shanghai FLOMO® Fancy Stationery Co. Ltd. was certified by the International Council of Toy Industries (ICTI).


FLOMO® Tourism Factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan officially opened its doors to the public. In the experience factory, visitors to the factory are able to learn more about FLOMO®'s long history, gain a deeper understanding about the dangers of PVC and have the opportunity to experience DIY classes for children and adults.


FLOMO® received the Small Business Global Trade Award at New York's World Trade Week.


FLOMO® Tourism Factory was evaluated by Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs and became the fourth certified tourism factory in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. In the same year, FLOMO®'s founder, Mr. Flomo Shen, was awarded the " Outstanding Tainan Citizen of the Year" of Tainan, Taiwan for his selfless philanthropy, service, and dedication to the underserved population throughout Taiwan. Mr. Shen continues to play a pivotal role in the FLOMO® Group today, including the FLOMO® Education Foundation.


FLOMO® erasers were certified to use the coveted Carbon Footprint label on its products and became the first certified eraser factory by Taiwan Environmental Protection Administration. In the same year, the FLOMO® Tourism Factory was awarded "Excellent Tourism Factory" by the Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs. In the same year, FLOMO® multipurpose eraser and puzzle eraser won "Tainan High Quality Goods Award" by Tainan City Government Economic Development Bureau.


FLOMO® received" Outstanding Innovation & Design Award" in the 2019 Taiwan Excellent Trademark Awards. "Tainan High Quality Goods Award" was given to FLOMO® Pencil Grip Set and FLOMO® Eco-Friendly Compact Stationery Set.


FLOMO gain the certification of Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA(IDB)for the Most Recommended Factory Tour in Taiwan for our Puzzle Eraser Set. And FLOMO Tourism Factory has been certified with the English-Friendly Factory Tour from Tainan City, Taiwan. Moreover, FLOMO was awarded the 2020 D&B TOP 1000 Elite SME Award.

FLOMO Group was certificated with ISO 9001:2015